Marathon Boat Group
PO Box 549
One Grumman Way
Marathon, NY 13803

Grumman Boats
Seneca Utility V  

Standard Features

  • Strong, corrosion resistant stainless steel bow eye.
  • Acrylic urethane Pearl Gray painted outer hull
    for long lasting beauty and durability; acrylic enamel semi-flat White Linen painted interior for reduced glare.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Foam filled seats for level flotation.
  • Unique structural bulkheads built under seats provide strengthened rigidity while eliminating the toestubbing “ribs” found on other boats.
  • Heavy duty cast handles provide convenient hand holds.
  • Oarlock sockets are positioned for comfortable, efficient rowing.
  • Easy-access transom plug.
  • Conveniently placed “cozy” sized drink holders.
  • Handy 36 inch “Tall tale” measuring tape decal installed in every Seneca.

Optional Features

  • Console kit for Seneca 14 and Seneca 16.
  • Floorboard kit for the Seneca 14 and Seneca 16.
  • Battery tray Holder for Seneca 16.
  • Deluxe fold-down Grumman Chair with mounting bracket and swivel.
  • Deluxe side-graphics package.