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Grumman 13'

Looking for a canoe the whole family can enjoy but wanting it in a smaller, lighter, and more easily transportable package, look no further than the Grumman 1350C. Manufactured from airplane grade aluminum, this canoe is indestructible and maintenance-free. Perfectly designed for solo or tandem paddling on lakes and ponds, this boat is also at home on small rivers, streams, and estuaries. Weighing in at only 58 pounds, this canoe is easily car-topped or portaged into remote waters.
Popular with anglers, sportsmen, and paddlers looking for a lightweight, manageable canoe, the Grumman 1350C is proof that good things come in small packages.



Grumman 15'

For many paddlers, this is the canoe that first introduced them to paddle sports. Durable. Reliable. Stable. Zero-maintenance and only 69 pounds, the Grumman® 15-foot canoe is hand-crafted from a special age-hardened, stretch-formed aluminum alloy with added ribs, thwarts, and gunwales for extra rigidity and stiffness. More than indestructible, the arched hull and keel also provide the perfect blend of stability, tracking, and performance for first-time beginners to experienced wilderness and river trippers.

Let the canoe that has been trusted by families, adventurers, outfitters, and summer campers for 75 + years guide you on your next water adventure.

Grumman 17'

Trust the canoe that has been guiding wilderness and family quiet water and river canoe trips for over 75 years. The longest of Grumman’s three double-ended canoes, this is perfect for carrying extra paddlers and gear on extended trips and adventures. Durable and rugged, this boat is designed to glide farther and track straighter but still be indestructible and maintenance-free. No wilderness trip is too long for the Grumman 1750C.


Grumman 17' Square Stern

Have you ever wanted to explore beyond your limits? Paddle or motor it, this boat gives you options for your next adventure. Made from Aircraft-grade aluminum and with added ribs, this boat is stiffer and more durable than most square stern canoes on the market. A favorite of anglers, hunters, and sportsmen, this boat lets you run further into the wilderness to less-pressured fish and game or more remote campsites. No need to pull a trailer. At 85 pounds, it can easily be cartopped. Let the Grumman 1750CS motor you to more extreme adventures.

Grumman 15' Sport Boat

If you are looking for the most stable and durable square stern canoe capable of handling a 7HP motor, look no further. Aircraft-grade aluminum and added ribs make this boat maintenance-free, ultra-rigid, and extra sea-worthy for larger lakes and saltwater. You will find this our most stable square stern at 43 inches wide and featuring the Bulb T keel and hull design. Motor, row, and paddle the 3-in-1 Sportboat wherever adventure calls. Conquer the water.


Why Buy an Aluminum Canoe?

Durable & Maintenance Free

Whether you are searching for a boat with maximum impact and abrasion resistance or one to withstand extreme heat and freezing temperatures, aluminum offers more protection than any other material. You can store them outside and still expect them not to be adversely affected by the environment. Hull distortion is a major concern with plastics, not a factor with aluminum allowing your hull design to remain the same for the lifetime of your boat.


Aluminum requires zero maintenance. Aluminum’s high resistance to corrosion means aluminum boat hulls are relatively safe from structural fatigue that could otherwise put a vessel out of commission. Aluminum gunwales, seats, yokes, decks, and parts made from aluminum will not break down, or attract mildew or rust.

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