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Customer Reviews

17 Shoe keel Review
We have had our 17' shoe keel for over 35 years. She has been in many lakes and rivers here in Oregon. She even went to Yellowstone Lake. We have caught fish, watched Eagles, Osprey, Otter, Deer, and Beaver. We have run it in sun, wind, rain, and more rain! She has been through salt water and fresh and even a few places where there was no water! This is a memory maker and a treasure for our lives. It has never leaked. It has bounced off of rocks, logs, and pilings. She is the best boat we'll ever own. Thanks so much!
submitted by: Leonard and Barb Duncan 7-25-2013

Solo Review
Please allow me to tell you something: I'm 50 yrs old and seen more than my years. I grew up on Keuka Lake and have owned more canoes than Jimmy Carter has liver pills. I just bought the new Grumman solo. What a boat! Perfect tracking, perfect maneuverability, perfect rocker...yes it has a rocker, perfect seaworthyness, perfect seat, and perfect durability. No need to put UV stuff on it like sunbathing on the beach in Florida. Just use it! It's a Grumman! If you love to paddle solo and do not want to pretend you are a boxerplaying around with a double blade while trying to relax on a flat water day trip, Then the Grumman Solo might be right for you. It's a canoe; not kayak. It's solo; not double-but if you did double she would fly, it's not a kayak seat with your but the width of a cigar from the bottom of the boat, it,s comfortable, quick, classic, durable, fun and it's Grumman quality. I absolutely love this boat. WHen you read Grumman's website, it's a real lesson in canoe design. Once you paddle this boat, you can tell that whoever designed it really knew what they were doing.
submitted by: Jay Winters 6-7-2013

RATING: 10 of 10
I used to be a canoe guide in Canada in the 1970's. We used 15 foot and 17-foot Grummans and Aero-Craft aluminum canoes. The 17 -foot Grumman was the superior craft for numerous reasons. It tracked well on big lakes thanks to the keel. But it was a decent river canoe as well. Amazingly, the 17 foot Grumman weighs only 75 lbs. Flip it over onto your shoulders and the broad thwarts are quite comfortable even without a yoke. And it is PERFECTLY balanced for portaging. The equivalent Aero-craft was 95 pounds (a decent boat but a pig to portage). Based on my recollections, I just bought a 1974, Grumman 17 footer from a lady in Ann Arbor who kissed it goodbye. She had never swamped it in the 32 years she owned it. It was in mint condition and it reminded me why I loved this boat. I've seen these canoes get destroyed by going over waterfalls but the average smashup into a rock in a moderate rapids will only leave a dent and a scrape. An amazinly sea-worthy craft. The 17 footer holds three people AND cargo and still has a decent amount of freeboard. The extra two feet adds a compartment, more cargo capacity, and makes it a more stable craft in big lakes. Aluminum seats won't break out when people put their knees on the seats like cane or web seats. A classic machine. Can't recommend it highly enough.
submitted by: Eric Lipson 8-07-2006

RATING: 8 of 10
I have owned Grumman 13', 15' and 17' standard & lightweight canoes since 1972 (now, also the solo 12'9" for fishing) because they give the safest and best all around service for fishing, camping and hunting. A big plus is they have a keel which ensures predictable handling in stiff winds, which is definitely not true of modern composite canoes no matter what they advertise about their "minimal bow/stern rockers". Noise can be subdued with some split hose on the Gunwales and a little carpet or pad on the bottom. I have also owned finely made composite cruisers from well respected manufacturers so I understand that for the aesthetic-minded, Grumman canoes won't get you to the zen level of paddling. But their practical attributes outweigh zen for most realistic outdoor experiences.
submitted by: PG 6-05-2007

RATING: 10 of 10
My rating for Grumman canoes is off the charts. Can you really call anything else a Canoe if it doesn't have a Grumman sticker on it? I was practically born in a Grumman canoe and have been cabrewing, camping, fishing, gunwale pumping, hunting, motoring, paddling, picnicking, poling, portaging, racing, roof racking, sailing, submerging, surfing, swamping, trailering, towing, white watering and wooeing women, in my 1966 red 17' double ender for the last 41 years. My parents owned and sold Grumman canoes since before I was born (1958). This was our family's 2nd generation Grumman and it, and its blue painted twin has survived and protected my 3 brothers and all our crazy friends, my 6 children and theirs, as well as Boy Scouts through many, many adventures. It has sailed Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan in 6 to 8 ft swells, and dozens of smaller lakes in the blazing sun, high winds, rain, hail, lighting and even a water spout.

We have paddled more rivers in it than I can remember; the AuSable, Auglaize, Black Fork, Clear Fork, Hocking, Kokosing, Mad River, Maumee, Mohican, Muskingum, Mahoning, Ottawa, Ohio, Scioto, Olentangy, Big and Little Darby, Great Miami, Little Miami, Sturgeon, Indian River, Tuscarawas, Walhonding Rivers to name a few. Maintenance? It don't need no stinkin maintenance! No patching, painting, or cleaning. I have no doubt that these two canoes will be passed down through the next 2, 3 or 4 generations of my family none the worse for wear.
submitted by: NJD 8-10-2007

RATING: 10 of 10
Have used two G1750CSK 1970 Grumman 17 ft whitewater models from Mississippi - Arkansas - Oklahoma - Ontario - Texas - Wyoming, in whitewater, lakes and sloughs. Running rapids, fishing, and dragging them behind 4-wheelers through swamps to use them as ferrys for cruising timber. Pretty? Nope. Stout? Yes. I wonder if these little wisps-o-nothing modern boats will stand coming off of your truck at 70 mph and flatten roadside metal posts, and only have a small dent? Or lay out in the backyard for 36 years, never inside, and still work as well as Day One? Oh, yes, learned to sail with it, too! Grumman cannot be beat, in my book.
submitted by: MWB 7-10-2006

RATING: 10 of 10
I have a 1949 Grumman Sport Boat. It is a fantastic boat for both fishing and waterfowl hunting. A great performer with both oars and outboard. I currently use a Nissan 3.5 HP 4 stroke outboard and it will get the canoe up on plane with two full grown men. It is a tough and durable boat, perfect for the sportsman. I can also get it in and out of the bed of my pick-up truck by myself. A real plus! I highly recommend the Grumman Sports Boat for the sportsman.
submitted by: AMS 2-05-2007