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The Original Aluminum Canoe

75 Years of Excellence

Building Quality Aluminum Boats for 75 Years!

What started on a family holiday in New York’s Adirondack park has become one of the most iconic canoes known for introducing millions to the sport of canoeing. 


In 1944 Grumman aviation engineer William Hoffman realized the shortcomings of wooden canoes and had the idea to build canoes from the same strong, durable, lightweight aluminum they were using on their WWII fighter planes, and Grumman canoes were born.  

"A canoe presents a particularly 
fascinating design problem.
It must be light but strong, have minimum
wind and water resistance,
but sufficient dryness and stability." 

Fast forward 75 years, and the boats are still being manufactured with the same passion and have expanded into four brands of aluminum watercraft; Jon Boats, V-Bottom Skiffs, sporting swamp boats, and our iconic Grumman Canoes. 


Marathon Boat Group is privately owned and owner operated in Marathon, NY, near the Adirondack mountains and Finger Lakes. We have expanded distribution), and are currently selling our boats in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia through an established network of approximately 70 dealer locations.


Whether for commercial use for rental fleets, family recreation, or professional fisherman, each model in the Marathon Boat Group line is designed to deliver unwavering performance and endless pleasure, season after season.

Made In The USA

100% designed, manufactured, and distributed from our facility in Marathon, NY USA.

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