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Grumman Canoes

Ask anyone about their first canoe experience, and many will tell you of a silver aluminum canoe paddled at summer camp or their summer lakefront vacation home. Grumman Canoe began in 1944 when William Hoffman ingeniously included aeronautical aluminum to create a lightweight-durable canoe. As a result, Grumman quickly became an American Classic due to their maintenance-free, indestructible, high-value, and environment and user-friendly canoes.


Manufactured in the USA for 75 years by Marathon Boat Group, Grumman Canoes are sold and paddled throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia through an established network of knowledgeable and friendly dealers and distributors. 


DuraNautic Boats

The DuraNautic name has represented value, dependable performance, strength, and durability for over 50 years. Born on the Hudson River and manufactured in the USA by Marathon Boat Group, these boats were bread to handle the choppy waters of the Northeast coast's lakes and rivers. 


DuraNautic offers Utility-V Boats, a V-hull Fishing boat, and the Duke line of Jon Boats. These designs are legendary for their ability to get to plane quickly and run dry. Whether for commercial use in rental fleets or taking the family out fishing, each model in the DuraNautic line is designed to deliver unwavering performance and endless pleasure, season after season. DURANAUTIC Where durability and performance meet.

Swamp Dragon

The Swamp Dragon is a new line of high-performance mud boats. Designed and manufactured in the USA by Marathon Boat Group, and combined with 75 years of experience manufacturing aluminum boats and canoes, we engineered technical shallow-water hunting and fishing boats.

The hull's unmatched multifaceted hull design provides ultimate performance without sacrifice, managing the shallowest waters and performing at high speed. The Step-Up Step-In transom and thickest aluminum make the Swamp Dragon perfect for chasing green heads in the marsh, redfish, and specs on a flat, or crappie in a pond. Run shallow with confidence and authority.


Why Buy an Aluminum Canoe?

Durable & Maintenance Free

Whether you are searching for a boat with maximum impact and abrasion resistance or one to withstand extreme heat and freezing temperatures, aluminum offers more protection than any other material. You can store them outside and still expect them not to be adversely affected by the environment. Hull distortion is a major concern with plastics, not a factor with aluminum allowing your hull design to remain the same for the lifetime of your boat.


Aluminum requires zero maintenance. Aluminum’s high resistance to corrosion means aluminum boat hulls are relatively safe from structural fatigue that could otherwise put a vessel out of commission. Aluminum gunwales, seats, yokes, decks, and parts made from aluminum will not break down, or attract mildew or rust.

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