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Why Aluminum?

Despite the many options available today, aluminum has proven to hold up to the test of time. When Grumman Aircraft started producing aluminum canoes shortly after World War II, little did they know that they were giving a rebirth to the sport of recreational canoeing. Maintenance free, inexpensive, easy to paddle and virtually indestructible, they soon became the boat of choice for families, adventurers, river runners and summer camps all over North America.  Even today with endless material choices they are still billed by many as the perfect canoe to discover the sport of canoeing.  So, let’s look at the reasons why do so many paddlers still choose aluminum canoes.


All of our boats are
made with Aluminum because it is...

  • Durable & Maintenance Free

  • All Natural & Environmentally Friendly 

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to Repair

  • Holds Value Over Time

Why Buy an Aluminum Canoe?

Durable & Maintenance Free

Whether you are searching for a boat with maximum impact and abrasion resistance or one to withstand extreme heat and freezing temperatures, aluminum offers more protection than any other material. You can store them outside and still expect them not to be adversely affected by the environment. Hull distortion is a major concern with plastics, not a factor with aluminum allowing your hull design to remain the same for the lifetime of your boat.


Aluminum requires zero maintenance. Aluminum’s high resistance to corrosion means aluminum boat hulls are relatively safe from structural fatigue that could otherwise put a vessel out of commission. Aluminum gunwales, seats, yokes, decks, and parts made from aluminum will not break down, or attract mildew or rust.

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